PROJiTECH is dedicated to incorporating the latest mobile technology into the field of civil projects. We want to work with businesses and organizations who design and build civil projects by providing powerful project-specific apps that allow you to quickly and easily access project information like never before! Let us show you how our apps will help you manage your project better.




It’s critical that your field personnel have the information they need, when they need it, to effectively bid, build, and finalize a job. With that in mind, we’ve utilized the latest mobile technology to develop a tool to help your project personnel be more effective and productive while out in the field or in the office. OnStation is a powerful project-specific app that allows you to quickly and easily access your project maps like never before! OnStation offers the ability to view detailed project drawings on your iPhone. You can view one drawing on a satellite map, or layer on multiple drawings to fully grasp the project design anywhere on the job. OnStation also features a station finder tool that automatically displays your current station location at all times. Last but not least, OnStation offers the unique ability to create field notes by adding comments and sketch drawings to your maps, then send them as text messages, email, or save to the photo album for later. This is all very valuable as you organize, communicate, and direct the work throughout the project. Contact us today and let OnStation be a valuable asset for your company.



Station Finder

The Station Finder displays the station, offset, and elevation for your current position on the project and atomically updates as you move around the project. The Station Finder works great for quickly referencing your stationing, determining lengths and distances, and comparing elevations. The Station Finder will also provide a station readout

View Plan Sheets

With OnStation, you'll have access to all your project's plan sheets at your fingertips. OnStation includes advanced technology for searching and viewing plan sheets. You can search by sheet numbers, sheet headings, and even by location via the Station Finder making it the quickest and easiest way to reference your plan sheets.

Mobile Design Maps

OnStation's Mobile Design Maps allow our users to view the project design on their mobile device. We can convert all of your project's design drawings into mobile-friendly map overlays so you can visualize the project design in it's place, on the map. OnStation Mobile Design Maps look sharp are are very responsive because we utilize the latest design and mapping technologies in order to provide the best viewing experience.


Take all your pictures on the project with OnStation. Using the camera in OnStation is better than any other option because OnStation automatically includes time, date, and location (via Station Finder) details to each picture so you know where an when every picture was taken.

Field Notes

OnStation produces superior-quality field notes which is great for project record-keeping. With OnStation, you create field notes by adding comments and sketch drawings to either the map, plan sheets, or pictures then send them out as text messages or email right away, or you can save them to your photo album to use later.


OnStation is well-suited for design-build projects because we can update your app with new plan sheets and design maps on the fly while the project is underway. New plan sheets and design maps can be incorporated to your app immediately or within a couple days depending on the amount of new content that is submitted for the update.

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